Ayurvedic Medicines For Cancer

Ayurvedic cancer hospital in Alappuzha Kerala

Ayurvedic Medicines for Cancer- So Natural, So Effective


Cancer is a deadly disease in the 21st century spreading drastically. It prevents or defeats tumors with natural drugs. According to ‘Charaka’ and ‘Sushrutha’ Samhitas cancer is an inflammatory or non-inflammatory swelling. It is mentioned as ‘grandhi’ or ‘Arbuda’. Nervous system (Vata, air), the venous system (Pita, fire) and arterial system (Kabha, water) are the three basic elements in Ayurveda. When malignant tumors develop inside human body all the three systems get out of control known as ‘tridosha’. This results in lack of coordination between these three elements which subsequently causes tissue damage.

Modern or western therapy is drug-induced and has serious side effects. The treatment affects both physical and mental state of the patient. The chemicals used to wipe out tumor cells also causes damages to other cells or tissues. With these treatments, the patient recovers fast but the chance of another attack remains. Ayurvedic therapy, on the other hand, is aimed at finding the root cause of cancer and start by uprooting the cause. The therapeutic approach is divided into four namely, Prakrithisthapani chikitsa (health maintenance), Rasayana Chikitsa (Restoration of normal function), Roganashani Chikitsa (Disease cure), Naisthiki Chikitsa (spiritual approach).

Multiple herbs which have great potential for cancer cure are blended in perfect proportions and are used in treating cancer. This medicines influence different organ systems nourishes the body and support the body’s defense system. Ayurveda Hospitals and Ayurvedic treatments gave us a new view towards life. Ayurveda is ideal an example to show that nature itself contains cures for all diseases, even though the modern science is still unable to find cures for chronic diseases like cancer.

Ayurveda, a traditional way of treatment, has cured incurable disease, but the results are not visible at the early stages of Ayurvedic treatment. The only thing we need is just to have patience and faith. Sreerudra ayurveda hospital, a leading ayurvedic cancer hospital in Kerala has a facility with a combination of modern and traditional treatment facilities available to make the treatments effective. Sreerudra Ayurveda is a natural Heath Clinic and a Kerala ayurvedic treatment centre with highly skilled doctors and therapists who guide you to find out the root cause for eliminating your diseases permanently.